Catan, is a multiplayer board game invented by Klaus Teuber. It is probably the first German-style board game to become popular outside of Europe. Each player’s turn is divided into 5 parts:
– Part One: If you have and want, you can play a knight card before rolling the dice. If not, skip to the next Part Two of the turn directly.
– Second Part: You must roll the two dice and add the two numbers on each of the upper faces.
– Third Part:
  • Productive Phase: only if you don’t hit a 7 on the dice.
  • NonProductive Phase: you would skip to this only if you hit a 7 on the dice.

– Fourth Part (can be played before the Fifth or interspersed with it):

  • Construction Phase.

– Fifth Part (can be played before the Fourth or interspersed with it):

  • Trade Phase.


The extensions are only used to increase the number of players who can play in each game


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