Catan, is a multiplayer board game invented by Klaus Teuber. It is probably the first German-style board game to become popular outside of Europe. Each player’s turn is divided into 5 parts: – Part One: If you have and want, you can play a knight card before rolling the dice. If not, skip to the … Read more

The wolf men of Castronegro

The wolf men of Castronegro is a card game for 8 to 18 Players. In general, there are two gangs in the game, Villagers and Werewolves. The objective of each team is to eliminate all the members of the team on the contrary, with the particularity that most of the Villagers do not know who … Read more


Cluedo Cluedo is a board game where participants must solve a fictitious crime using their ability to deduce. A murder has been committed and the perpetrator, the weapon and the room where he passed must be found out. The players represent the different guests, and at the same time suspicious, who investigate the death of … Read more