Poker is a betting game in which players, with all or part of their hidden cards, place bets on an initial bid, with the total sum of the bets falling on the player or players with the best combination of cards.  There are many variants of poker, including open poker, closed poker, shared card poker … Read more


Catan, is a multiplayer board game invented by Klaus Teuber. It is probably the first German-style board game to become popular outside of Europe. Each player’s turn is divided into 5 parts: – Part One: If you have and want, you can play a knight card before rolling the dice. If not, skip to the … Read more


Chess is a recreational and competitive board game for two players. Each player initially has sixteen pieces: eight pawns, two horses, two bishops, two towers (or rocks), a king, and a queen. Each type of piece has a unique and characteristic movement. In the world of chess, the queen and the towers are known as … Read more

The wolf men of Castronegro

The wolf men of Castronegro is a card game for 8 to 18 Players. In general, there are two gangs in the game, Villagers and Werewolves. The objective of each team is to eliminate all the members of the team on the contrary, with the particularity that most of the Villagers do not know who … Read more


Dominoes are a board game in which two or more players play. It is based on a set of 28 rectangular tiles. Each of these tiles is divided into two parts of equal surface. In each of these parts there can be from zero to six points. None of the combinations are repeated throughout the … Read more


Parchesi is a board game that is played with 1 dice and 4 tiles for each of the players (from 2 to 4, although there are also boards for 6 or 8). The goal of the game is for players to carry all the pieces from the exit to the house. The first to get … Read more